About Johlet

Hi, I’m Johlet; the creator behind Baby Bounce.

My fitness journey really started when I fell in love with Pilates about 7 years ago. I decided to pursue my love for the practice and do the teachers training course.
Unfortunately, my dad passed away the week before the course started and I moved it to the next course which was 2 months later. That course saved me, mentally and physically, it gave me sanity.
It also taught me that life is extremely short, and that you won’t get anywhere if you don’t work hard and take chances. My dad always had the most amazingly creative ideas, but never had the courage to pursue them and that’s one of the main things I took from his death.

And so I started taking chances.

Pilates led me to rebounding and I fell in love with the fun way of exercising that rebounding offers.
A little while later I got married and had my beautiful baby boy. I was eager to get exercising again and so the moment my doctor gave me the all clear, I dived head first into my workouts again. I soon realised however, how difficult it was to manage my time with a newborn and his needs. Babies are unpredictable and as much as you try to plan your day, they often decide to give you a run for your money. The lack of exercises started to make me feel slightly depressed and like I was lost, purposeless. It was at this moment that I remembered how much fitness helped me through the first difficult situation in my life; my father’s death.
I started exercising again wherever I could and slowly I started to feel like myself again; stronger, fitter and more confident.

Using my knowledge and passion for rebounding, I formulated a series of exercises specifically for post partum and better yet, can be done while baby wearing. I love that I can exercise while wearing my little boy and I am incredibly proud that I can now offer this solution to other moms in the form of Baby Bounce