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Good for mom, good for baby

Managing nappies, cleaning up, making dinners, it’s a lot of work and if your morale and self confidence are up all the daily chores and routine become easier, happy mom happy baby, peace in the home.

Kick-starts your lymphatic system

It kick-starts your lymphatic system which detoxifies your body

De-stresses your body

The benefits of exercise are very well documented

Oxygenates all the tissues

Oxygenates all the tissues and where there is oxygen, there cannot be pain or disease


The abdominals, legs, glutes and deep back muscles get a good workout.

Reduces cellulite

We all know the benefits of self confidence so this benefit speaks for itself.

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Don't Get Up. We Got it.


Don't Get Up. We Got it.

My name is Janke Swart and I am a new mom to my beautiful baby girl, Mika. We both love Baby Bounce.
It was very important to me to start training as soon as possible after pregnancy. The big challenge was coping with the separation anxiety of leaving my girl to go train. Baby Bounce was the perfect solution. I also struggle with diastasis recti and Baby Bounce has strengthened my core without injuring it. Baby Bounce to me is the best and safest way to train with the presence of my little one.

Baby Bounce

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